Affordable Telesteps 60324101 Telescopic Mini Loft Ladder

Telesteps 60324101 Telescopic Mini Loft LadderBuy Telesteps 60324101 Telescopic Mini Loft Ladder

Telesteps 60324101 Telescopic Mini Loft Ladder Product Description:

  • Simple to install, No clearance required in your loft
  • Smooth and easy to operate , Robust and comfortable to use
  • Suitable for Ceiling Heights 2.35 - 2.45m, and for almost all hatch sizes

Product Description

TEL Combination Telescopic Ladder 1.7m TEL60617101

The Telesteps telescopic ladders are easily portable with telescopic retraction. They feature AUTOSTEPS™, enabling the ladders to be collapsed and closed down automatically, into a compact size that can be stored and transported easily. For convenience in confined spaces, they have a minimum turning radius. The patented, world-leading design means that the ladders are adjustable to different lengths and so are like having several ladders in one. The ladders are automatically locking, with clearly visible markers in each thread. For comfort, they have wide threads - ideal for long work sessions. Highly safe to use, the ladders comply with European standard EN131-SP. In addition, they are always at a safe angle thanks to their flexible length. Made from a unique aluminium alloy, they are strong and durable.Supplied with innovative accessories for greater flexibility and safety.

Combination ladders can be used as both a free-standing step-ladder or a leaning ladder.

The TEL60617101 Combination Telescopic Ladder has the following specifications:Number of treads: 4 (+2 when used as leaning ladder).Tread width: 90mm.Length extended: 1.7m.Length closed: 68cm.Width: 62cm.Weight: 10.0kg.


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5telesteps loft ladder
By laddette
I have never written a review but it is such a fantastic product that i had to tell anyone who is reading this, if you are thinking of buying a loft ladder, look no further than the telesteps. Its so easy to install anyone can fit it and does the same or even better job than the big ladders do that takes up half your loft space. The only hard part of installing it is when you attach the springs to the ladder you need someone with a bit of stength to attach them other than that its easy.It also takes up no space in your loft and it is very strong and sturdy.Cant recommend it enough.

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4Teleseps Loft Ladder
By Ian
This is a sturdy, well made ladder. Fitting is straightforward once you've worked out how to stretch the springs (I used a long loop of strong string pulled down with one foot while standing firmly on the floor). You have to modify the hatch, of course, to make it hinge down. The ladder takes up almost no space in the loft, and there's nothing to trip over when the ladder is down. I have not given it full marks just because lowering and raising it does require you to reach up (nearly 2 metres above floor level)to unhook or secure the ladder, and I feel this may be difficult when I get older. If you're happy with the reach, then I'd recommend this ladder.

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5Telesteps Telescopic Lof Ladder
By Kingspur
Saved myself a good few pounds buying from Amazon. Product is excellent. Fairly easy to install(see below)and so easy to use.One note of caution, you need to extend a couple of springs as part of the installation. The springs are very strong so you need to have a bit of stregth to do this. I used a piece of wire and some plyers to get a bit of extra pull which worked well for me.

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